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This site is inspired by Gary's emergency and medical background (read his bio).

The side strips: Are cardiac EKG strips. Each web section has it's own heart rhythym.

The Multi-logo: A combination of a Fire Department Maltese Cross, Emergency Medical Star-of-Life, and Sheriff's Department shied.



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  • 2014

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  • 2013

  • Booking rate about 50% again this year!

  • Just got Voice-Over gig for a video game, "Baseball Stars of 2013." I will be the voice for the Commentator and the Umpire. Have to fight traffic to Santa Monica during rush hour Friday and next Tuesday to record it but, for now, I'm "SAFE!" (1/16/13)

  • 1st job of the new year -- shooting next week. Booked a pilot presentation for National Geographic Channel (1/9/13)

  • 2012

  • Booking rate about 50% for the year!

  • Another stand-up comedy performance tonight -- showcase of some top LA comics. Kicked some butt despite a rather rowdy crowd.  (12/15/12)

  • Yet another feature film booking. Shot some scenes today for "False Colors," a political thriller. Not quite a period film this time (only set in 2003), we filmed some bunker sequences at an old WW II battery. Got the call the night before filming. Still more shooting (including the gunfire type) to come.  (12/13/12)

  • JUST RELEASED a new comedy short for the holidays -- starred in and produced it. "Oy, The Night Before Christmas" is a decidedly Jewish twist on the classic poem. Watch the Video  (12/10/12)

  • Just booked feature, another period film, set in the 1940's, playing New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia The movie is called "Sharkskin" and production will start right after Christmas.  (11/26/12)

  • Just wrapped a week's worth of shooting on a film up in Sonoma County, CA, north of Santa Rosa. In "When Rivers Run Red," I play a priest helping an Italian immigrant family bootleg wine during prohibition. As a period film set in the 20's, I got to drive a 1926 Ford Model T truck -- very unusual since it is not even close to a manual transmission.  (11/19/12)

  • I just signed with a new commercial agent -- AVO Talent.  (10/20/12)

  • Started pre-production on a new comedy short film in which he will appear. More details to follow.  (9/7/12)

  • "Prank My Mom" (see below) has apparently been re-scheduled by the network to begin airing in November. D'oh!  (9/3/12)

  • Gary uses his comedy and improv skills as a recurring actor, playing various characters on "Prank My Mom" -- a hidden camera series. "Prank" premiers on August 29, 2012 on Lifetime network TV.

Check back often for more updates.

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